At FOSAF we have decided to introduce an environmental section to our web page. It is no secret that our rivers and oceans are coming under increasing threat from a variety of quarters. Rampant development along our water courses and along the coast, poaching, over fishing, mining, agriculture and the poor management of our waste water by our local authorities are just a few of the problems we are faced with. The underlying issue to all of the above seems to a lethargic government unwilling to exercise their legal mandate. A more vigilant sciety and informed citizens who form pressure groups and lobbies seem the only solution ahead. By creating this page we hope to promote a better understanding of issues and an angling community that is willing to take action.

There are many illegal activities occurring throughout the South African landscape, largely going unnoticed simply because the public are unaware of what is happening. This page is being created to achieve three main objectives. Firstly, we want to record all developments that affect our fishing resources. Secondly, the information here will serve to educate and keep our members informed of those projects and developments that are negatively affecting our fisheries. Thirdly, we are creating an interactive site in which through which members can actively get involved with developments that concern them by actively contributing to the contents of projects on the site.

The format to be used when registering a project is attached. Fill it in and submit it to us so that we can verify the information before it gets published on the web site. Each issue will be updated when the latest information is received. If a project comes to a standstill for a time it will be logged as such and placed in the archives.

We are starting off with a few projects that we know about. If you have more to add please let us know and we will update it. Of course the person who brings a project to the website is responsible for keeping it up to date.

We are hoping to grow this page so that it deals with more than just development issues to later include fish distribution maps and scientific studies. With your support this page will be one way of addressing the myriad of environmental issues that challenge our pastime.

Have you seen something or heard of an environmental issue that concerns you? Submit an Environmental Issue for review.

Current Issues:

  1. Prospecting for diamonds on the border of the Greater Lakenvlei Protected Environment -Dullstroom
  2. Court Case regarding proposed amendments to the Alien & Invasive Lists & Regulations
  3. Massive pollution of the Vaal River Barrage and downstream
  4. Trout translocation project in the Western Cape by FOSAF and the CPS.
  5. Clanwilliam sandfish in trouble
  6. Fish lose sense of smell in polluted waters
  7. New fish disease (EUS) widespread in Southern Africa
  8. Proposed amendment to Coastal Management Act
  9. Update on the NEM:BA AIS Regulations
  10. William Bower open cast coal mine - near Dullstroom
  11. Pollution in Mpumalanga