FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Tuesday, 3rd December 2019
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

The Garden Route has certainly picked up resulting from better weather and water condition.

In Klein Brak Robin Fick had luck with grunter and kob. He aslo got Kwagga Hartman into a grunter that made him pone very happy angler.

These grunter were caught on Robin's Nose Job Agha fly. The river mouth at Klein Brak is currently closed but Groot Brak is open.

Wilderness: Rens Techman managed a few garrick in Wilderness's Touw river. They seem to be in abundance there and could make for great fun on a 5 weight.

Sedgefield mouth is also open and that is very good news for fisherman in that area. It has opened the wadable bank to hunt the grunter as they tail for prawn and crab.

Close to the train bridge and the N2 bridge a few grunter and garrick have already been caught.

Goukamma is still open and there a few grunter have fallen to a pink Crazy Charly fished into the channel and the brought onto the bank. The fish take the fly as it comes up off the drop. Garrick also fell to flies like deceivers, poppers and gurglers.

One should not ignore kob in that system, as they will be further up river and in the deeper holes.

Knysna has produced garrick and a grunter or two. We have a lot of juvenile grunter at the moment that are not as picky as the older bucks and should be easier to entice to the fly. I also know that a few kob have come out at the White bridge on the Knysna side, and one will get lucky with a sponge bob at night there.

Plett and Natures Valley have produced its fair share of garrick in the juvenile range, but one would be able to find grunter once you can get some of the locals to share their knowledge.

Rock & surf: One should not ignore the seas’s coastal zone. Skinny water amongst the rocks has a lot of blacktail, karenteen etc. that will give you a rev once hooked. Shiny Crazy Charlies here works well.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish our readers a Merry X-Mass and prosperous New Year.


Kwagga Hartman’s grunter from Klein Brak


Rens Techman’s Touw River garrick