FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Garden Route

Date of Report: Friday, 31st May 2019
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Name: Brian Sowden
Phone: 076 0525634

As we are entering the winter months fishing is on a decline and a warm fire in the house is more attractive. Even so there are still a few diehards who brave the cold waters in search of fish on the long rod.

In Knysna,  Luke v d Heever,  has managed to land a few small garrick and a little steenbras in the upper Knysna lagoon area, The steenie took his dropper fly below the popper. Grunter, garrick and mullet are still around and can still be targeted with a little endurance and persistence. Wind can play a factor during the middle of the day, so early mornings and late afternoons will be the best times to go fishing.

In Nature's Valley Divan Steyn got a few juvenile garrick and a 40 cm shad, which must have been a really nice fight as they can rev a fly rod for their size. 

Plettenberg Bay also produced a few small garrick, but nothing spectacular. As in Knysna lagoon the upper reaches above the N2 is a good place to fish when the water gets too cold after an easterly.

Goukamma is always a good place to target garrick, mullet, grunter and kob. The mouth opens and closed periodically, but is best fished when there is tidal movement. If one can get to the upper reaches where there are deep holes to be found it would be a good place to target kob.

At Sedgefield the mouth is closed at the moment, so not much happened there over the last month.

The Touw River at Wilderness is a piece of water often forgotten. Rens Techman managed a few Moonies and Kurper there. The water is more brackish due to the lack of tidal movement so fresh and salt water species sometime frequent the same body of water.

In Klein Brak it has been so quiet that Robin Fick started to tie crab pattern on 4/0 hooks to target Mussel Crackers - Hopefully we will see a result soon. A fish not to be targeted with less than a 12 weight outfit. They head straight to rocks to cut you off once hooked.


Luke van den Heever’s small steenbras


Robin Fick’s 4/0 crab pattern for mussel cracker


Touw River