Date of Report: Thursday, 4th February 2021
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Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Hermanus & Bot River Lagoons

Both these lagoons closed about 2 months ago after breaching for the first time in about 5 years. In Hermanus lagoon it is hard going as probably many of the larger fish went out when the mouth opened, but if you work hard enough you will catch fish as a flyrodder showed us when he took a very nice leervis (garrick). There are mullet around, maybe not in the large numbers we saw many years ago. It takes real skill to catch them in the channels amongst the weed at the top end of the lagoon. Sometimes a delicately presented dry fly works. Some of the bull- nosed mullet grow to several kilos or more and on a fly rod give you a real work out.

De Mond

In December I reported that it was discoloured after late rains and we have now had unseasonal rains which has muddied the water again.

Breede River

There have been very good catches of grunter kob and leerivs recently and I am planning to go up there myself in 3 weeks time.

Rock & Surf fishing

Sea temperatures dropped were a blissful 22°C  a couple of weeks ago and after a period of heavy winds, especially S.Easter it has now dropped to a freezing 11°C


Into a fish on the Breede