FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Lower Vaal & Orange

Date of Report: Tuesday, 7th January 2020
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Name: Noel Wewege
Phone: 083 259 6953


Friends of mine had an excellent day on the Orange below Gariep. Apparently, the clarity was fair for this section which is often very discoloured and they caught well on nymphs and dry flies.

I have not fished the Orange below VDK Dam, but the water is now that lovely clear blue colour. However, one must be able to put up with the heat which is often unbearable in Jan. and Feb.

Lower Vaal & Riet Rivers

On New Years Day Charles Hall and I had excellent fishing on the Vaal in the Windsorton area. It is a long time since I have seen the river looking so good with regard to clarity and cleanliness. The only problem was that the temperature eventually reached 37°C by midday which is very uncomfortable for anglers out in the sun.

I have not fished the Riet recently but the flow at Douglas is reasonable and clarity is good.


The Vaal at Windsorton