FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Lower Vaal & Orange

Date of Report: Friday, 23rd October 2020
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Name: Noel Wewege
Phone: 083 259 6953

I have been out several times over the last month and can report that the fishing has improved significantly since September.

Lower Vaal

Three weeks ago, in the Windsorton area we did quite well fishing the deeper water and runs. At that time water temperatures were low for early October which probably explained why the fish were still well down. Since then the water has warmed appreciably and yellows are moving into the rapids and shallow water. Water clarity is very good and flow is a bit down for this time of year.

There was also a report from Warrenton where anglers saw catfish in groups of about 8 in the local weir, but these fish did nor respond to any of the attempts to catch them. This behaviour had not been observed before.

Riet River

The lower river is low and very clear,but I have had not had the chance to fish it.


I have also had the opportunity to fish the Orange in the Hopetown area below VDK dam. Catches have been good in general compared to September, but some of the yellows and mudfish are moving into the spawning areas so please do not trample spawning beds. Water clarity is only about 30cm which I like for my fly fishing


A yellow from the Orange