Date of Report: Friday, 18th June 2021
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Name: Dean Stoltz
Phone: 043 726 5133

Although our main saltwater fly fishing season normally starts in late October and ends in March we have had a bit of action in our local estuaries. Recently young shad have entered the estuaries with the spring tides and have been caught near the mouths and the Buffalo River has produced some leervis (garrick). Otherwise for the winter period you have to work for your fish, but they are there if you choose a warm period to get the water temps up a bit. There always resident grunter, kob and young leervis (garrick) although the adult garrick have migrated northwards. However, it is pleasing to see how many young garrick are present in our estuaries.

Otherwise the main focus for our local flyfishers are the many trout dams in the Amatola area and further inland.


Garrick (leervis)