Date of Report: Monday, 12th April 2021
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Name: Dean Stoltz
Phone: 043 726 5133

We have not had much rain so the local estuaries are reasonably clear and I believe that further afield the Kei is clearing and a good number of kob were taken at the river mouth recently on conventional tackle. We were fishing at nearby Morgan’s Bay in the blind estuary and did well with juvenile leeries (garrick).

Regarding the local estuaries the Nahoon is still polluted so focus on the mouth area but the Gonubie is looking good. There has been little fishing news from the local estuaries but there will always be younger leeries (garrick) in the warmer spots (sea temperature is well down) and as we move into winter grunter are normally the species to target although the summer months are generally more popular with the flyrodders. In addition, many of the fly fishing fraternity in winter tend to concentrate on nearby trout dams such as Gubu or the trophy dams further inland.


A Wild Cost estuary – photo by Kevin Cole