FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Thursday, 1st October 2020
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Name: Chris Williams
Phone: 071 565 1688

Legal proceedings are now in place by SAVE against various government and provincial departments, local municipalities and culpable individuals therein. Refer also my article in the latest Tippet - click here

Whilst the sewage problem we are told will not be resolved for another three years, it is pleasing to note fly fishers, fishing away from the bad hot spots, are making good catches of largemouths, smallmouths, mudfish and other species. If you want to have good and pristine fishing, use the services of your local reputable and knowledgeable fishing guides. Be very careful as the E.coli readings are going through the roof and high levels of other pathogens are also being recorded.

Other streams in Gauteng.

It is really heartening to note within our area there about twelve different local river-cleaning action groups. They are making a real difference. What is even more heartening is that the participants come from all walks of life. Saturday morning clean-ups are now routine. I’ve attended several and not only are they rewarding but great fun and usually there’s a braai or social afterwards. Rather like going fishing - but leaving your rod at home! Find out how you can help or start up your local river action group.

I’ve done a few random not-very-scientific SASS5 tests at cleaned-up streams within five k’s of my suburban house and have come up with ratings from 0 (horrible) to about 4 (bearable to hardy fish and insects). I’ve caught three barbel in the last couple of days a kilometre from my house in water that a year ago had no life whatsoever. OK they were all only between about 500 grams to a kilogram.  ‘Sight’ fished using midge pupa and small squirmie wormies and a small wool indicator. Midge, worms and leeches being amongst the hardiest of aquatic life as regards pollution. The local barbel I noticed are pairing up for spawning once we have had our first proper rains in next day or so. Hopefully they will go forth and multiply!