Date of Report: Tuesday, 30th June 2020
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

A week ago we placed another 200 rainbow yearlings in upper Van Stadens Dam and while the team were waiting for the delivery they did some experimental fishing and caught a couple of small rainbows from the December fingerling stocking. That being the case we will be opening this water for fishing in September and we believe that this dam could develop into a very good fishery.

Last year we also restocked Bulk River Dam so by September these fish should also reach catchable size. This coming November both Bulk and Upper van dams will be stocked again with rainbow fingerlings.

With regard to Sand River Dam which has a good population of bass only trout yearlings are a viable option for stocking because of bass predation, and as we cannot get sufficient numbers for this large dam we will leave it as a bass water in future. We are also hoping to get a permit to stock yellows here. Although it is mid-winter the bass fishing in this dam is proving good with most bass being taken on fly.


Upper Sand River Dam