Date of Report: Monday, 5th July 2021
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

With the boat repaired at Bulk River Dam (you can only fish this dam by boat or tube) we went up on Saturday and the member lucky enough to have the boat took two nice rainbows, one of 2,5lb and the other 3lb. These were from the 2019 stocking and since then we have restocked, the latest being in January so this stillwater which is full should produce some good angling now the boat is available.

In my last report I mentioned that at Upper Van Stadens we had caught a few small browns from a recent stocking. This dam has been well stocked with rainbows but there as not been much fishing done recently. As we are in the spawning season we believe that the fish tend to be concentrated in the upper section near the inlet and as this this area is overgrown with lily pads the fish are not accessible at the moment.

At the end of the week I and a couple of members are due to go up to Thrift at the end of the week to assist Martin Davies to harvest adult trout which will be stripped of ova and milt for breeding purposes.

We have had very few club outings since the lockdown was imposed in 2020 but we have booked for Thrift Dam for the long weekend of 7 to 9 August.


Upper van Stadens