Date of Report: Friday, 20th November 2020
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

Fortunately, all our Eastern Province Freshwater Conservancy club waters have had good coastal rains and are full to overflowing. Our new trout water, the Upper van Stadens Dam which is fairly close to Port Elizabeth and is a good 6ha in extent was stocked with rainbows last year. It is now producing smallish rainbows of 25 to 30 cm and is looking quite promising. We plan to put in another batch of rainbow and brown fingerlings in this dam and the Bulk River Dam of 5 December which we will source from Martin Davies’ hatchery in Grahamstown.

With regard to Sand River Dam which has a good population of bass, only trout yearlings are a viable option for stocking because of bass predation, and as we cannot get sufficient numbers for this large dam so we will leave it as a bass water in future. With the warmer weather the bass fishing in this dam has improved and it is proving a popular destination for our club members.

We will not be holding an AGM this year for our club, but the Eastern Cape FOSAF region will be holding a Zoom AGM on 03/12/2020.


An Upper Van Stadens Dam rainbow