Date of Report: Friday, 6th November 2020
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

CPS waters.

The Western Cape is enjoying a bumper season with river levels above what is normally expected in November and with rain falling today and tomorrow they will get a further boost and cool down. Fish are in good condition having flourished in the good flows and cooler than average temperatures.

It has been an excellent couple of months for the Smalblaar system since the season opened on Sept 1 with catches in the main river and the Elandspad ranging from 5 to 25 per day. Although the river flows were uncomfortably high in the first few weeks and inexperienced anglers were often unable to get their flies well down in the heavy water, since then many more fish have been taken on dries and sub-surface.

The Holsloot being a managed river with the Stetynskloof Dam in the headwaters is far easier to fish after rains as only normal flows are released. The results from the Holsloot are very encouraging after the severe fire and landslides several years ago which was a bad setback for this river.

It has also been a great season so far for those fortunate enough to have access to the Jan du Toit’s stream in the annual draw organised by the club. Some very good rainbows have been taken from this small kloof bound stream near Worcester

The Witte at Bains Kloof has not recovered from the bad drought of 2 years ago although a couple of browns have been spotted from Beat 5 and upstream. We assume that the survivors have bred well in the last 2 winters and this attractive stream will eventually recover. However, water is extracted for farmers on the Wellington side of the mountain on the lower beats often leaving little flow downstream that point high is very detrimental to both the ecology of the river and the fishing.

The season for Lakenvlei Dam which is in the Ceres valley  has usually ended by November due to high water temperatures, but the cool weather and much higher dam levels this year has meant that reasonable catches are still being made in this well stocked dam.


The Jan Du Toit’s stream – photo by Leonard Flemming.