Date of Report: Tuesday, 22nd October 2019
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

Conditions are perfect for the CPS River Festival being held 25 to 27 October (Refer There is a good entry this year and Protea anglers will be on hand to guide participants. The rivers are running well for this time of year with levels being maintained by regular showers. The Smalblaar system is fishing particularly well with experienced fishers often taking (all catch & release) 20 to 30 fish per beat with plenty of 25 to 30cm fish being caught.

As mentioned before the Witte River is still recovering from the drought 2 years ago but the Holsloot which will also be fished during the weekend is in nice shape.

After a period when fishers were blanking on the Lakenvlei near Ceres a recent visitor reported catching 12.


A heavily spotted W.Cape rainbow – Photo by Leonard Flemming.