FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - S.E. Mpumulanga/KZN

Date of Report: Wednesday, 28th August 2019
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Name: Horst Filter
Phone: 082 628 7702

SE Mpumalanga

Following the good flows of early winter, the rivers are now quite low and clear after a very dry winter. As the temperatures are still low Horst reckons, they still have at least another month of fishing until the spawning commences for the small and largescales, and he and his clients cease fishing until the post spawning period in autumn.

Northern KZN

Carl Freese (083 2260810) says that he is due to visit the Tugela tributaries this weekend. He expects them to be low and very clear

A month ago we heard that at Zingela on the middle Tugela in the Colenso area the fishing had been good with nice sized scalies coming out but since then there has been no further news.

Southern KZN.

In July despite very low water temperatures and angler using Czech technique recorded some excellent catches compared to anglers using conventional flyfishing methods. Since then the water has warmed up and Karl Adensgaard states that the middle Umkomaas in the Richmond area is very clear, running well and some good catches are being recorded.


Umkomaas scaly