FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - North Eastern Cape Highlands

Date of Report: Monday, 6th January 2020
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Name: Dave Walker
Phone: 082 475 5775


Dave Walker reports that although the headwaters are on the low side they have had some good fishing in the lower reaches, especially the Bokspruit and the lower Bell at Glass Nevin which are now full of yellows which have moved upstream to spawn.

Maclear & Ugie.

According to Colin Moolman they have had good rain recently so the rivers are flowing well but few people have been out to fish because of the hot weather.

Barkly East

Andrew Clark reports that they need more rain but at least the rivers are flowing after a very dry spring and early summer. He and a couple of friends did well on the Diepspruit and Kraai last Saturday with both trout and yellows. Although they have come through a dry year apparently there has been a reasonable spawn as there are plenty of fingerlings present. There is concern about their main dam in Happy Valley which is very low, but apparently the dam which was stocked with browns a year ago has held its water well.

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Lady Grey

Recent rain in the Lupela Lodge area has boosted the Karringmelk flow and some good catches have been made with a sprinkling of yellows amidst the trout.


New England area