FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 2nd June 2021
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Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

Sea conditions on the lower South Coast are, at present, not at all good. We have had over 200 mm of rain in the last 2 days and all the rivers have come down in spate, resulting in dirty water to beyond the back line. Due to the strong south westerly winds that we have had, water temperatures are in the 23 degree range and there is a large swell running. Despite this, 120 crates of sardines were netted in Port Edward on Monday morning and reportedly sold for R 1500.00 to R 1000.00 a crate. There was no news of the sardines on Tuesday, as we had heavy rain for most of the morning. There are very few birds flying around to indicate their presence. In any event, the shoals will probably stay well clear of the dirty water, too far for the netters to have a shot at them. Rain again this morning and predicted for the rest of the day, so no outings are planned to even look for sards. for a while. Having said that, I will not be surprised if they suddenly pop up somewhere.

Note that the South Coast Fly Anglers Club put out a very good monthly newsletter. For the June edition click here.