FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Tuesday, 17th December 2019
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Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

Fly anglers along the South Coast of KZN have had lean pickings lately. heavy rain during the 2nd week of December brought the local streams down in spate and the Umzimkulu is still pouring silt into the sea. This has muddied the sea to the north and south of Port Shepstone as the strong north east winds are followed by an equally strong blow from the south west. With the water this dirty, yellowfish angling in the lower stretches of the river has come to a complete standstill.

While local farmers have welcomed the rain and with their full dams can look forward to a good season next year, those fly anglers who regularly target bass, do not share the same enthusiasm as the water is far too dirty for any reasonable chance of catching a fish.