Date of Report: Thursday, 31st October 2019
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter of the Village Angler the Dullstroom Bonanza was a great success with R115 000,00 raised for charity.

Many of the dams are very low due to the lack of rain. In addition, the suppliers of live fish for stocking are very concerned about the low flows and high temperatures although there has been some relief in last day or two with cooler weather moving in. Despite all these problems the fishing has been fairly good at certain venues:
Lunsklip syndicate: As these waters are high up on the source of the Lunsklip temperatures are cooler than most venues and dams are full. John had a very good weekend’s fishing using damsels and dragons fished quite deep.
DFFA club dam at Jansens: This well stocked dam remains full with a slight overflow. Fishing has been quite slow but John took a nice brown a couple of days ago on a damsel.
Town Dam at Dullstroom: Extremely low due to high water use in the town.
Millstream: Some of the dams are low. Dries such as DDD’s , humpies effective in evenings.
Walkersons: Dingermaleries and dries in the evening.
Little Troutbeck, Treeferns & Brookwood: Catching mainly on Wooly Buggers.

Santa & Spring Valley: During the Bonanza most fish were taken on very small patterns.

TFFC at Middelpunt: Most of the dams were well stocked this month, but stocking halted in Dams 2 & 6 due to low water.



Renovations been completed and the grounds are looking great. New members joined and we are very excited as the club is finding it's feet. The Willow Dam outlet has been repaired, filled and restocked. Fishing catches is up, members and visitors can enjoy some great fishing. The visitors and picknick area new braai build. Not to mention the campsites bathrooms with new geysers and face-lift. Contact is at And the site foreman Sarel Bredell 0827346304. Day tickets may be purchased at R150,00 with FOSAF card holders paying a reduced rate of R130,00.


Werner Wessels, chairman of the local club (, states that the Sabie is very low but rains have commenced which will bring some relief.
Day and 3-day permits for the Sabie are available at Merry Pebbles Holiday Resort and Ligna Lodge. Unfortunately, Big Sky Fishing and Outdoor has closed down. 

The Blyde is still closed for fishing and will only reopen after the first good rains and the danger of fire has passed.


DFFA’s club dam at Jansens.