Date of Report: Monday, 15th February 2021
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


John Hunter of the Village Angler reports that when the heavy rains hit Dullstroom they recorded over 300ml in just 4 days. Most of the small streams are still running high and discoloured and many of the dams are muddy. Fortunately, the DFFA club dam at Jansens is still clear but some of the spots are difficult to reach because of the high water. Some damage was done to the wall, but a contractor has been employed to carry out repairs. Stocking of Jansens will resume at the end of February.

Millstream dams are a bit discoloured after the heavy rains, especially the weirs, but the waters are quite fishable and Muddlers have worked well. John did a tuition at Trout River Falls recently and although the Dorps River was in flood the pupils did quite well on the dams with buzzers.

At the TFFC waters at Middelpunt ( restocking will commence in March. Luckily, less rain was recorded in this area and it was more than sufficient to refill all the dams.

With the rain and a long period of cool, cloudy weather this has benefitted all the stillwaters in the Dullstroom area as temperatures have been well below what is usually expected this month so the trout have responded well, and fishing in the margins has been good before sunrise when fish tend to gorge themselves on tadpoles which are hatching out in the shallows.


This well-established club which has several dams, and its own hatchery is in the process of rebuilding its membership and have now extended the accommodation to cater for this. Contact is at Also, the site foreman Sarel Bredell 0827346304 or the chairman Anton Henning at 0826136519. Day tickets may be purchased at R150,00 with FOSAF card holders paying a reduced rate of R130,00. Visitors are very welcome and it is hoped that people will start booking in for the long weekends which start in March.


Werner Wessels, chairman of the local club (, states that the river is still too high and discoloured. However, this bodes well for the autumn season when the rain starts to tail off and temperatures drop and the Sabie should be in splendid condition.


Machadodorp club waters with the clubhouse in the background.