FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Sunday, 15th November 2020
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Name: Dylan van Breda
Phone: 0767730426

Fishing has been heating up over the last few weeks. Some good kob, garrick and skipjack have been caught in the Swartkops but mostly on lure. The grunter have been feeding well on topwater and some have been caught on fly. Attached are some pics of local angler Chris Schoultz with a grunter caught on a floating deerhair prawn. 

Offshore the Sarda Sardas (bonito) have arrived in good numbers. Attached is a pic of one my dad caught just before lockdown. With them being so prolific at the moment they will be easy fly rod targets. We are patiently waiting for the yellowtail to arrive and 12wt rods are at the ready. Hoping to be able to boat one on the fly this season.

We still haven't had much rain so Thrift fished really badly this year. But the Queenstown area seemed to produce some awesome trout though. 

Kind regards.


My dad with a bonito


Grunter caught on a flating deerhair prawn


Chis Schoultz with a grunter