Date of Report: Tuesday, 27th July 2021
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Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

AMATOLA FLY FISHING CLUB (Stutterheim & Kingwilliamstown).

Gubu & Maden dams.

Gubu Dam which stands at 84% possibly had an extra inflow of ice-cold water last weekend as there was a good snowfall on the surrounding mountains.

The fishing has been good this winter with rainbows averaging about 40 cm and although the browns are less numerous the dam has recently produced several over the 50 cm mark.

Although no reports have been received from Maden it could be worth a visit as the dam is full and like Gubu has been stocked with browns as well as rainbows.

Future stockings are planned from the Hogsback hatchery where they are introducing the Mnyameni strain into their crossbreeding programme. It is considered that the Mnyameni strain is very well adapted to the Eastern Cape waters.

The club will be holding its annual fund-raising competition at Gubu during the weekend of 3 to 5 September and visitors are welcome to enter. For more details contact Edward Truter.

The club website is at


Our club has an agreement with the community to manage the nearby Mnyameni Dam.

This water contains a good population of smallish rainbows which are all wild bred from the two streams that which feed the dam. The dam has recently been stocked with browns and these are now showing up regularly in the catch returns and it is hoped that they will also start breeding in the feeder streams. In addition to the Mnyameni Dam the Wolf River which is in the next valley and has a good population of wild rainbows has fished very well this last summer. It is now closed for the breeding season but after September 1 it is certainly worth a visit once the rains commence and there is sufficient flow in this small river. Booking to fish the Mnyameni and the Wolf River must be done though the AFFC.

The club is also organising a wattle clearing project on the Wolf and donations towards this very worthwhile project will be appreciated by the AFFC.


This water is stocked with Martin Davies’ famous MTD strain from hatchery at the Hogsback which harvested ova in late winter from the dam’s rainbows for its own use. The dam is now full and fairly heavily weeded so a float tube or boat is recommended. It has fished well since the onset of cooler weather with some trophy sized fish being caught. However, there is some concern that there are few younger fish coming to the net.


A Gubu brown trout