Date of Report: Tuesday, 27th July 2021
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Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

Even up here in Kosi the cold of winter has set in! Last week saw an early morning low of only 9’C. For the rest of the country that’s still reasonable, but we are absolutely not kitted for anything below 15’C.

At 9’C the entire Thongaland comes to a standstill.

At least the days are slowly getting longer again and there are fond memories of humid mornings and bending rods in sight.  

Fishing has been incredibly tough with lots of time put in by guests with very little results! Every year during the annual sardine run it seems like almost every predatory fish along the far north coast go down south and join in on the feast! Our hunting zone turns into a desert for 5 weeks.

Reports came in that the shad are thick at Rocktail bay, Black rock and Bhanga nek. This is generally the sign that the predators are starting to return.

A 60cm GT was caught on live bait at Bhanga Nek last week and bait anglers have been catching some large Stumpies at the mouth.

We’ve been having fun sight fishing for some large Wave Garrick on both north and south bank and the mouth itself is still producing some Needlescale queenfish and garfish.

I received some photos of a beaut of a GT landed and released in St Lucia last week! Sure he is on his way back home!

Keep them loops tight and please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you need any Kosi advice, guiding or accommodation.


Rocktail Bay