Date of Report: Sunday, 24th January 2021
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Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

“Batten down the hatches..”

Trajectory predictions on the tropical system Eloise had warning messages flying in to Kosi Bay community early in the week! Initially it looked like she was going to aim for Kosi mouth, do a couple of twists and turns and then head back up north to make landfall near Maputo. Great relief came as more and more trajectory forecasts started showing the system’s actual route to make landfall near Beira to the north.

The good part in all of this is that the swell from the system arrived yesterday morning and will still be around for a good couple of days!  This lining up with some good strong systems from the south and early morning dropping tides will create the perfect conditions to go search for big GT’s!

Rocktail Bay, Lala Nek, Manzengwenya, Reef 13 and of course Kosi mouth will all be good locations to go cast some big flies! Be sure to wear a life jacket and don’t fish lighter than a 12wt, unless you want to get smashed! Remember that the cyclone swell really surge into the bays with enormous amounts of water. At one moment the water drain out of the bay leaving it ankle deep until moments later when the next swell will wash up all the way to the vegetation line! Don’t get caught and swept off the rocks!

With regards to what has been happening over the last month:

Rocktail produced some beautiful Greenspot and Big-eye kingies on fly and a group of live bait anglers got two huge GT’s (40kg and 25kg).

Kosi mouth produced another monster River snapper of 8kg, lots of good sized Greenspot kingies, Wave garrick and some small Blacktip kingfish. The big Gt’s have been visible in the surf, but unfortunately minimal opportunities to cast at them in the shallows. We had one GT nearly swim into our guest’s feet on an adrenaline packed chase and disappeared shortly thereafter. Luckily, as he was fishing a 9wt in search of greenspots!

Black Rock has been packed with the shad and a lovely shoal of large Pick-handle barracuda. Unfortunately the current in the bay on the pushing tide and the rocky cliff face don’t allow much space to get in a proper cast at them.  Lots of good sized Wave garrick around.

Kosi lakes are still producing some great grunter catches although not in numbers. We have had lots of reports on Gt’s hunting in all the lakes and regular catches of good sized River snapper by the bait anglers at night.

Tight lines and feel free to send me an email or WhatsApp if you require any info on conditions, accommodation or guiding.


Scotty Kyle with a Greenspot Kingfish