Date of Report: Saturday, 1st May 2021
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Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

Although the water temperature is slowly starting to drop and I for the first time in months had to search for a jersey, Kosi Mouth is still on fire!

The “aquarium” has been a refuge for a massive cloud of Hardyhead silversides! These huge shoals of baitfish are doing well to hide from the predators, but as soon as enough current get forced into the system things suddenly change! Explosion after explosion.. The action usually starts on the full high tide in the no fishing zone or “aquarium” and then as the tide turns it moves towards the mouth and the surf zone as the hardyheads are chased from shelter and pulled by the outgoing tide.

Pick-handle and Great Barracuda, River Snapper, Needlescale Queenfish, Garfish and a variety of Kingfish species seem to be the list of predators. I have personally been amazed by the size of some of the Bluefin Kingfish that have been around!

These predators at the mouth clearly have their focus on the hardyheads. If the fly doesn’t resemble them they simply don’t touch it!

Amazing how well these predators know their environment and what the changing seasons bring! As soon as the next species of baitfish enter the system, everything will more than likely change again. Fascinating!

9Km down the beach a report came in of a huge Bluefin King caught on a small live Russell’s snapper by a bait angler.

Unfortunately, not many reports came in with regards to the lakes or the southern beaches of the Kosi area. With the cold fronts starting to move in, all the rocky bays will start producing when the swell and current hit.

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A photo from years back – Scotty Kyle with a Bluefin Kingfish