Flyfishing report: Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Friday, 19th July 2024
Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423


Thrift continues to overflow with a good number of fish being taken in the Swart Kei downstream from the dam and in the few periods of good weather this winter the fishing has been impressive in both the dam and river with plenty of double figure trout (pounds not kg) taken when the wind has not been howling. Also impressive is that the 30g trout stocked in May had grown to 150g in just 2 months. Martin took a group of Rhodes University students to help harvest fish during the recent cold weather with snow on the ground and gale force winds and they ended with 110 000 perfect salmon sized eggs  for the hatchery to keep the MTD strain going.

At Redcliffe on the other side of the Winterberg Ventnor Dam is the most productive with accommodation available in the nearby cottage.

Restocking of both Thrift and the Redcliffe waters has been completed for the year.

Stormberg (Queenstown area).

The Annual QFFC Gathering, with Xplorer as main sponsor, took place from 4 – 7 July was fully subscribed with 12 teams of four. The weather was a real challenge with sleet, snow and wind but despite these 167 fish were caught averaging an impressive 52 cm. The report on this event may be read at

Additional information available at the club webite at

The Highland Lodge waters like the QFFC dams received good rains and snow and all the dams totalling 40 ha are full. As is normal for this destination anumber of trophy sized fish have been taken this winter.  Some of the July bookings have been postponed to August or later because of the very challenging weather. Restocking of the dams with fingerings has been completed.

.Somerset East.

Alan Hobson at the Angler & Antelope Guest House reports that for the time being they are giving the streams a rest and on the stillwaters which are looking good and full they usually only start fishing at about 10am when there is some sun to warm their backs. On the popular Mountain Dam there is often a caddis and mayfly hatch for example at midday to get things going despite water temperatures being below 8°C. However, at this time of year there are a number of large fish moving around which are in spawning mode which cannot be tempted with a fly. Regarding the Little Fish which is regularly stocked he has seen evidence of spawning for the first time in 20 years which is an encouraging sign for the future.


Alan Hobson with a cockfish from a Bankberg Trout Fishers Club managed dam in the Little Fish River catchment.