YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG April 2019 newsletter

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 Report from the Western Cape by Dean Impson

The southwestern Cape where the three large indigenous cyprinid species of interest to yellowfish enthusiasts occur, namely the Berg-Breede whitefish, Clanwilliam sawfin and Clanwilliam yellowfish, has experienced a better rainfall season this year. This has benefitted habitat quality and quantity, especially during the dry season (October to March).  The Rondegat rehabilitation project continues to be a success, with ongoing recovery of the 4km stretch of river cleared of smallmouth bass.  The two redfin species (Clanwilliam and Fiery redfin) continue to expand their numbers and distribution in the rehabilitated area, and encouragingly there has been an ongoing increase in the numbers of Clanwilliam yellowfish.  Intensive monitoring of the river (thanks to Water Research Commission funding) has been replaced by long term monitoring of the recovery of the fish populations.  There has been very limited progress with the Krom rehabilitation project because of a 12 month delay in the signing of the three year contract between CapeNature and DEA: Natural Resource Management Programmes. The contract is expected to be signed in the next month or two which should see the project; which encompasses the Krom, Biedouw and Breekkrans rivers (all in the Cederberg) and Groenvlei Lake (southern Cape), implemented over the next three years. The focus on Groenvlei is to control the burgeoning population of carp by manual methods. Carp were illegally stocked in the vlei in the 1990s.  


Vanderkloof Dam

We understand that fishing has been temporarily halted as the project boat has been taken to the Eastern Cape for repairs and on its return, fishing will be restricted to long lines until the matter of gill netting is discussed at an AG meeting where the DENC (Department of Environment & Nature Conservation) scientific committee will be present.

The mid-Vaal crisis by Chris Williams.

Please first open and read the SAVE (my other involvement) March newsletter by clicking here. I won’t duplicate its contents. A personal observation. In August of last year, the DWS official spokesperson and I appeared on Classic FM. One of the many points I made was that the Vaal situation was at crisis level and immediate action was necessary. The spokesperson agreed. A day or two ago he appeared on TV and spouted virtually exactly the same meaningless political gobbledygook as he did August last year. ‘Nuff said. Government funding scheduled for the SANDF, the only decent bunch in the fiasco, has not reached them. ‘Nuff said.

Parys water supply is in dire straits at present with what we might term ‘pollutical’ interference. My word for a hybrid of political and pollution. Matters have got very bad there with respect to the health of the residents and also the desperado behaviour of the corrupt tenderpreneurs and of the wilful polluters of the river.  

In Gauteng, the YWG have liaised and teamed up with several river rehab communities and groups such as Armour. The ‘Heal the Hennops’ team are doing great work and are setting the pace for others to follow. Similar river clean-up teams are working on other rivers like the Apies, Blaauwbankspruit, Jukskei, Crocodile and the spruit that runs through Alberts Farm. I and a couple of Diepsloot youngsters managed to catch a couple of smallmouth yellows in the Jukskei - above Diepsloot I hasten to add. I had not previously seen a fish of any description in this section in the last twenty years.

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