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Vanderkloof Dam: Experimental Fishery

Last month we referred to the controversy surrounding this matter. We need to stress that in future we as recreational anglers cannot expect to have the exclusive use of fresh water fisheries on public waters. Any attempt to do so will end in disaster. FOSAF and therefore the YWG supports the sustainable use of our fisheries and sound environmental management of them. FOSAF are now in direct contact with the project team who have promised to keep us and other stakeholders updated regularly on the progress and outcomes of this experiment. From our side we must therefore ensure that the project achieves its objectives and complies with its terms of reference. Better information means that everyone will know what is expected and what is being done. If people have concerns proper communication, information and follow up of the matter through the appropriate channels is the best way to go.

We also note that DAFF is looking for a partner for a two- year pilot trout culture experiment at VDK starting in April 2019.

World Fish Migration Foundation.

WFMF and their partners are working on a project to map the fish migration routes around the world and to develop a biennial global status report for migratory fish. 

For this WFMF are looking for a South African PhD student to significantly contribute to this work through a 4-year study. The study will be hosted by the University of Groningen and University of Mpumalanga. It will be based in Groningen, Netherlands, where the student will get the opportunity to work closely with a global network and World Fish Migration Foundation. 

If you are interested, please get in contact with Gordon O'Brien ( who will be able to detail the procedures for you. The deadline is 20 January 2019 - so please let Gordon know as soon as possible. 

Mid Vaal & Hennops River crisis by Chris Williams (FOSAF Northern Region chairman).

Colonel Andries Mahapa and his team have been working over the holidays and have succeeded in about 95% of rehabilitation/repairs of Modules 3 and 5 at the Sebokeng Waste Water Plant. They are currently working on removing the remaining sludge by fork lifts. They have a mammoth task ahead with the other plants and pump stations, but they are getting stuck in and making progress. The SANDF team’s expertise, dedication and transparency make a refreshing change from the Emfuleni Local Municipality and other authorities’ unacceptable behaviour. Further to our YWG December newsletter please still heed the health warnings as E.coli, Chlorophyll-A and blue-green algae counts in the mid Vaal are still at unacceptably high risk levels. Please bear in mind the Sappers’ great work to date is not an overnight quick-fix and we all need to take sensible precautions as previously outlined.

Hennops River – it is heartening to note that such organisations as ARMOUR, FRESH and other Hennops River action groups are active in getting the river cleaned up. Special mention must be made of individuals such as Willem Snyman and his great activism on this special river. If you are able please go and help them clean up the rubbish and pollution this Saturday 19 January 0830 at Riverview Park next to Supersport Bridge.


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