YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG September 2018 newsletter

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The August newsletter was all about the pollution in the mid-Vaal reaches but in the meantime the rivers in the Pretoria area are almost as bad according to Mariette Lieffrink of the FSE (Federation for a Sustainable Environment). Below is one of the photos of the foam-covered Hennops River which was included in a report to the DWS (Water Affairs & Sanitation) in July.




To add to our water woes Hartebeespoort Dam has reached record levels of pollution, the Apies River is disgusting, and the upper Vaal in the Standerton area is also bad.

Regarding the mid Vaal including the Barrage it is only fair to warn the public that not only are the E.coli  levels sky high from the Barrage downstream but there are at least another 30 dangerous bugs and toxins in the river. According to FOSAF NR chairman Chris Williams many of the people in the nearby informal settlements have already contracted giardiasis (a microscopic parasite infecting the small intestine).

SAVE have just published their September 2018 newsletter which will give you the news on the latest developments or lack thereof.  This newsletter also makes an urgent call for donations towards their funding of their campaign to return the river to a healthy state. To read it click here.

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