Date of Report: Sunday, 4th October 2020
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Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Hermanus & Bot River Lagoons

The winter season has moved right into October this year so in addition to the rain we have had excessive winds, both NW and SE which is not conducive to fly fishing. The mouths of both lagoons are still open although they are not flowing as strongly as before, and we are hoping that more rain will keep them open well in November. Both white steenbras and kob have been taken in the estuaries and nearby beaches but all these have been on prawns and bloodworm.

De Mond

As expected after all the rain this estuary is discoloured and flooded after the very wet winter but kob and steenbras have been taken off the beach at Struisbaai

Breede River

This month is known as Kobtober by the locals as it is when they expect to catch good kob. However, the rain in the catchment has meant that every time conditions start to look promising another heavy flow of freshwater enters the estuary which tends to drive the fish out to sea. No doubt November will see an improvement.


John Fenwick on the Breede