Date of Report: Friday, 24th July 2020
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Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Hermanus & Bot River Lagoons

With huge seas and strong winds there has not been much fishing this winter, certainly not flyfishing, but we have all been encouraged by the natural breaching of the Hermanus lagoon last week, the first time in 5 years if I am right correct followed by the Bot River breaching. In the case of the Bot River lagoon this had to be breached mechanically at the Hawston end as the sand dunes had become too high and this was followed by a natural breaching on the Kleinmond side. All this bodes well as these lagoons needed a good flushing out and especially if these estuaries remain open well into late spring and natural migrations of species such as leervis (garrick) can recommence after so many years of closure. Grunter and steenbras have been taken recently from both lagoons Shortly before lockdown in March some very large leerivis were taken from Hermanus lagoon.

De Mond

As expected the estuary is open and discoloured as it usually is after heavy rains. Some Steenbras have been taken at the nearby Die Plaat on conventional tackle.

Breede River

The Breede has come down in flood at least once this winter. Prior to the lockdown some good catches of leervis, kob and grunter were taken.

Cape Point & offshore

Tuna between 100kg to 150kg have been taken, both longfin and yellowfin plus yellowtail and Cape salmon. The snoek have also arrived.



The Hemanus laggon shortly after breaching