FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - South Coast

Date of Report: Monday, 22nd March 2021
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Name: Arthur Cary
Phone: 076 3120417

Once again, the KZN South Coast fishing has been decidedly slow the past few few weeks. While the Transkei and Eastern Cape anglers were complaining of low water temperatures, ski-boat anglers fishing Protea Reef, off Shelly Beach, reported temperatures of 28 degrees; high enough to put any fish off the bite.

On a recent outing to the Impenjati Estuary and surf by South Coast Fly Anglers, a few small Wave Garrick and Bastard Mullet were taken from the surf on small Crazy Charlies, while the estuary produced only one thorn fish. However, it had been reported that a number of juvenile kingfish had been caught in the estuary in the preceding week.

The Umzimkulu River is also still very dirty and there have been no reports of any Natal yellow fish being caught.

Bass dams have been producing a large number of small fish, but very few of the size that should be coming out.

Fly anglers, however, live in hope and the South Coast Fly Anglers have a number of outing planned for the next few weeks, all in the hope of finding the elusive critters.