FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - North Eastern Cape Highlands

Date of Report: Saturday, 7th September 2019
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Name: Dave Walker
Phone: 082 475 5775


Dave Walker reports that the rivers are very low as it was a dry winter with virtually no snow, and he advises would-be visitors to first check with him before they make the trip to Rhodes if they wish to do some fishing.

On the other hand the lake up at Tiffendell with a self-sustaining population of rainbows while Basie Vosloo’s dam near Moshesh’s Ford is also available.

Maclear & Ugie.

All the streams are very low and in any case those in the forestry areas only open for fishing after the first good rains due to the fire hazard.

Although the dams in the forestry areas will be closed until the first rains the club still has access to about 12 dams which have been well stocked and are fishing well. Another 7000 large fingerlings are on order for stocking this month.

Barkly East

Andrew Clark reports that all the trout streams are very low and river fishing is limited to the Kraai where there has been a large upstream migration of yellows which have moved up earlier than usual due to the warmer weather. Some good trout are also present in the Kraai and these have also been caught well down the river in the Lady Grey area.

The Junior National Championships will be held on 26 -28 September and the 64 youngsters will probably have to be placed on the Kraai unless good rains fall soon.

The club also has access to 2 dams, one of which has been well stocked with rainbows.

Day tickets at R150,00 are available from Andrew Clark at 084 5166471 or

Lady Grey

The Karringmelkspruit in the Lupela Lodge like all the streams in this area is extremely low.


The Knockwarren stretch on the Bokspruit after good rains