FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands

Date of Report: Sunday, 20th October 2019
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Name: Andrew Fowler
Phone: 082 574 4262

I have been away for just over half of the last month, so forgive me if my news is a little scant.  What I do know, is that in late September I got news of snowfalls on the berg and rain down below in the farming areas.  I took from that , that we had had our first spring rains. I may even have had a celebratory ale.

Boy was I wrong!

When I returned mid October, I found the place baked and cracked and hot and dry. And in the last 2 weeks it has been a veritable heatwave with no rain at all.  Our streams are in a perilous state in terms of flow, and the temperatures that have gone along with this are definitely not helping!

Even some of the dams have dropped so low as to be dwindling puddles, all weeded over.

It is not a good state of affairs!

During my absence I did see a picture of a 62cm Brown from the lower parts of the Mooi. I also saw a catch return from some blokes who visited the lower beats of the Bushmans Community Flyfishing Project, and they seemed to fare very well indeed.  I am guessing that such lower beats are still fishable, but with the heat as oppressive as it is, I find no inclination to go fishing at all.  Instead I am holed up near a fan, doing some writing and editing and fly-tying and hoping for rain.

My suggestion to you:  Do the same.  Wait for the rain. Its not pretty. The water is low and warming. Releasing fish in this will be a questionable practice anyway.

But if you are locked into some family holiday, take a rod along.  Try the coolest part of the day, in the early mornings, or hey....maybe try at night too. And of course there are highland dams from which no irrigation takes place. But on the whole I would say, stay away until conditions give you something to celebrate.


The lower Bushmans with a good flow several years ago.