Date of Report: Monday, 29th March 2021
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Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

This last month saw some amazing changes at Kosi mouth with nearly every single tide different to the one before. Largely the result of the huge February and early March cyclone swell, our beaches were completely reshaped and left with some incredibly steep profiles.  

The mouth shifted almost 100m north of where it was the month before and a deep channel is now flowing huge amounts of water both north and south into the estuary. The channel to the north is after a long stagnant period finally flowing strongly along the Lagoon hibiscus trees, Teba house and past the mouth parking area.

This all took me back to a lecture room some years ago where one of the country’s top estuarine ecologists was explaining how the only consistency in these amazing systems is change. Change from one tide to the next!  This last month could not be a better example!

These changes came with some incredible new hope! Lots of activity is seen again in the late afternoons with Pickhandle and Juvenile great barracuda smashing baitfish from their shelter among the dead trees that have fallen into the estuary. A snorkeling session several days ago revealed a shoal of no less than 20 juvenile Bluefin kingfish, needlescale queenfish, massive garfish and the usual species like large rock salmon and grunter.

With regards to fishing, the south bank has been very good! Some consistent catches of greenspot and big eye kingfish have been made and we had some great sessions with shoals of juvenile GT’s around. We have seen some larger GT’s, but unfortunately the dark shapes have been patrolling just out of our reach.

Some reports came in this afternoon of a decent greenspot kingie caught on north bank and a blacktip shark and large pickhandle barracuda moving around in the surf.

The lakes have unfortunately been a bit quiet with only a grunter caught here and there by bait anglers.

We are expecting a good couple of guests over the next 3 weeks with a very decent looking weather forecast at this stage. Let’s hope we’ll be putting some good tackle to the test!

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