FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands

Date of Report: Tuesday, 22nd June 2021
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Name: Andrew Fowler
Phone: 082 574 4262

We had a bit of wildly windy weather in the last few weeks, and a “snow on the mountain” interlude, but both were brief, and for now it is settled wintery weather which is not quite as frosty as I expected. Maybe that is just down here in Hilton…half an hour up the road is no doubt a bit more frosty, but I don’t think farmers are calling it a bitter winter. Yet.

One of the brief bitter weather interludes caught the Kamberg Trout Festival. This means that a number of participants are baying for the stocking regime to be changed. The Boston festival fished last week-end had more settled weather, which means that stocking regime is being adjudged as “just perfect”.

Sentiment and weather patterns aside, the overall fishing results, both inside and outside of competitions have been OK, and typically wintery. That is to say that in settled weather, which is most of the time, a good few solid hours of careful and thoughtful fishing produces a few fish, and sometimes they are lunkers.

Wild exciting purple patches, and prolific hatches with matching evening rises are not the winter norm. Not this season or any other. Early morning rising in the frost often pays zero dividends for the angler in terms of fishing (but if your camera doesn’t freeze you can get some nice ice shots). Evenings can be productive if the wind abates, and when it does, I would put my money on midge patterns. For the rest, you can be really civilised and enjoy the lovely winter sunshine in the middle of the day and get the odd fish. On condition that you do decidedly uncivilised stuff, like leopard crawling over the dam wall to fool spooky fish in clear water.

If you sit quietly in the grass, out of the wind, cast infrequently, watch your dropper dry or indicator intensely, and just generally act observant and stealthy, you will doubtless get some fish. Some blokes have caught some good ones too:  a few 60+cm fish in the Boston festival; lots of 50cm+ fish at the same event; a 62 cm fish from an NFFC dam in the Kamberg; and some lunkers in photos that were flashed in front of me so fast I didn’t have time to analyse the background shorelines, hills and bushes.

A small brown Pappa Roach has been said to be doing well. My mate got two decent fish on a midge, which he fished behind some awful gawdy thing. We reckon it was a combo that shouted “HEY! Check this out!” and then showed him something nearby that looked like food. It’s a theory that starts to make a lot of sense after a swig of whisky.

You should try it.

Yes. I mean the whisky.