Firstly we wish to thank the six authors for giving permission to transfer their articles from our book, 'FOSAF Guide to Flyfishing Destinations' to this website and for updating these articles which were written some six years ago. These authors were Louis Wolhuter (who was also editor of the book), Dean Impson, Turner Wilkinson, Malcolm Meintjes, Ben Pretorius and Bruce Birkett. Also to Ed Herbst for again checking the Trout article.

Also special thanks to the South African Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) for once again contributing the excellent illustrations of fish (copyright of SAIAB) which originally appeared in Professor Paul Skelton's book 'A Complete Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa'. David Voorveld, Elizabeth Tarr, Elaine Heemstra and Susan Abraham were the artists.

Our thanks to David Weaver of Harrismith who agreed to us including his description of the many flyfishing spots at Sterkfontein Dam.

Lastly, a large number of excellent images were donated to FOSAF for current or future use on the website. These contributors included Andrew Fowler, Carl Nicholson, Chris Schoultz, Ewan Naude, Henkie Altena, Kirsty Kyle, Leonard Flemming, Malcolm Meintjes, Roger Gurr, Tim Rolston and Wolf Avni.