As FOSAF members and many flyfishers will recall pe-Covid, FOSAF/YWG spearheaded a concerted youth programme drive. The FOSAF/YWG website archives and social media attest to our efforts leading up to the present. This will be summarised in our updated Website. Post-lockdown, we are invigorated by the emerging new generation of diverse flyfishers with fresh ideas. Progressively the worsening climate change and air/water pollution is affecting our lives not just as fly fishers but as global humankind. COP26 demonstrated the divide between obsolete naysayers and a responsible enviro-aware emerging generation. We have iterated many times, without a good quality and quantity of water in both our fresh and salt waters, we will have no fish.

Covid vaccines are now being administered to younger South Africans. This should have an easing on previous social and fly fishing restrictions.

The writer's FOSAF Northern Region team alone is pleased to report we have three experienced and young members who have joined our committee and who are already making constructive waves. We are working in tandem with riverine and environmental groups across our region to ensure maximum impact against offenders no matter how big or small. In addition we are uniting to provide an educational awareness programme, incorporating fly fishing, for schools and communities.

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