FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Monday, 11th February 2019
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Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423

Thrift has dropped slightly despite good rains and at least if it continues to rain it should start filling again as the soil is quite damp. There has been very little fishing done in the last month, but a visitor from Somerset East took 6 fish in a day and a half ranging from 4,5 to 5lb. On the other side of the Winterberg at Redcliffe they recorded 120ml of rain so we expect those dams to be filling.

We managed to stock out 30000 (85%) from the Ventnor hatchery so all in all a very successful season especially under the circumstances.

STORMBERG (Queenstown & districts)

The Queenstown Fly Fishers Club chairman, Reg Morgan (082 7033489 & 045-8381854) reports that all their stillwaters were closed in January and will only re-open on 1st March so there is little news except the bookings from April onwards are heavy. There has been some rain but not enough yet to make significant difference to dam levels.

Comprehensive stocking from the Ventnor hatchery was carried out in January in all the dams with a total of 7500 fingerlings released.

The date for the annual Gathering for 2019 has been set for 3 to 5 July.

The club website is at


Alan Hobson reports that as in the case of the Queenstown area there has been some good rain but very little run-off. Montain Dam of course continues to produce as do the Waterfall pools on the Naude’s River. The Little Fish is running high and dirty and this has put a brake on the yellowfishing. It would be a good idea for anglers to contact the Bankberg Club Chairman, Alan Hobson, 082 4422884, to discuss fishing options before making the long journey to come and fish the area.


A Queenstown Club dam