Flyfishing report: Saltwater - West Cape

Date of Report: Wednesday, 14th December 2022
Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Breede River.

I am currently camping at Breede River mouth, and the fishing has been excellent with mainly kob being caught and lesser amounts of grunter and leervis. The unusual thunder and lightning storms accompanied by heavy rain which hit the Western Cape recently did not affect the catchment of the Breede to the same degree, so we do not expect much freshwater inflow into the estuary.

De Mond.

The estuary was looking good, and fish were being caught but the recent storm has probably muddied the water. In the meantime, there have been quite good catches of grunter off the nearby beach.

Hermanus lagoon.

The lagoon is full but still closed probably because we did not have good late rains. Someone tried to open the mouth mechanically, but the municipality put a stop to that. I do not expect the recent rain to breach the mouth. A few fish have come out in the last couple of weeks.

Bot River Lagoon.

Very quiet.


The Breede River estuary.