Date of Report: Saturday, 14th April 2018
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Name: Tim Rolston
Phone: 083 626 0467

Well no real rain to speak of, and despite doing washing on a regular basis my own equivalent of rain dancing hasn’t produced much more than the odd shower, I may have to wash the duvet and the pillows, when it comes to inducing rainfall that is about as close to a sure bet as you can get.

There has been just enough precipitation to see some of the grass growing back in the park and recently even enough to raise water levels in the streams for a day or two. At least the days are getting shorter and with that the temperatures dropping which helps both fish and angler alike. After recent light rains the fishing picked up a bit but it didn’t last long with the fish back to their super spooky selves within a few days. That said, people are catching fish and some on the slightly lower beats, an indication that the water temperatures are becoming more amenable to the trout and thus by default to the anglers as well.

It is quite remarkable that the fish taken, or at least the ones I have taken up on the Elandspad, have been in remarkably good condition given the battle they have been having with low flows and high temperatures over the summer months, even then there isn’t much doubt that some rain would do us all the world of good.

The slightly autumnal conditions are however also producing good sport for anglers heading out of town to fish Lakenvlei, this is doubly encouraging as the end of last season saw this Stillwater producing a lot less fish and a lot tougher conditions than usual. The arrival of bass in the dam a few years back was already putting the fishery under pressure and worries were that we may have seen the best of this water. But reports are that the anglers have been doing well, albeit still fishing quite deep for the most part. Although water levels in the dam have dropped they are not drastically low and certainly I have fished this water in past years with far less water in it and still caught good fish. So, it seems that the cooler weather, the recently enforced “catch and release only” policy and no doubt some clever stocking policies to try to overcome too much predation from the bass have contributed to something of a comeback for this important fishery. It is, after all, the primary Stillwater venue for most CPS members over the course of winter and the river closed season.

Hope springs eternal, at least it seems that we may have endured another overly hot and dry year without total collapse of the fishery, and with some rain (hopefully) on the horizon it is possible that by the end of the season the streams could be offering up some really good sport. Only the weather Gods have the true answer, but if we can get an early start to the wet season and hopefully a prolonged wet season at that, the rivers should be in fine fettle again.