Date of Report: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018
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Name: Tim Rolston
Phone: 083 626 0467

According to CPS secretary Louis De Jager the local streams are still flowing strongly but are fishable and the popular Smalblaar system is fishing very well.

The Czech team is in Cape Town currently and they tried the Elandspad the other day with the top bag at 13 fish. Ronald Small, a Protea angler, took 15 from the Smalblaar and a party fishing the Holsloot took 4. Access to the Jan du Toit’s towards Worcester is limited but the parties who have visited so far report very good results.

Unfortunately, it appears that the brown trout stream, the Witte at Bains Kloof needs a few years to recover from the drought as there are very fish around.

Lakenvlei Dam at Ceres was stocked a month ago with 1400 rainbows averaging 500g  as bass present are a threat to smaller fish.

All in all a very good picture at present and with good flows it promises to be an excellent early season.


Jan du Toit’s stream – Photo by Leonard Flemming.