Date of Report: Saturday, 16th December 2017
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Name: Tim Rolston
Phone: 083 626 0467

Despite the alarm bells ringing with regard to water supply in Cape Town, and it really is a very serious problem, don’t be misled, the rivers haven’t dried up, at least not yet and the issue is more to do with seasonal rainfall in the main dam catchments than anything else.

The streams are still flowing remarkably well, although temperatures are beginning to climb and no doubt the water temperatures will follow.

Currently there is still some good fishing to be had, particularly as is generally the case, on the upper beats.

The weather is still yet to fully settle so on consecutive days we have temperatures of 39°C and then 17°C, one would probably fair better on the cooler days, although those also tend to be the result of a dropping barometer which may counter the benefits of less heat.

There are some limited signs that the Holsloot is beginning to repopulate, the Smalblaar is perhaps suffering the most, the drought, high water temperatures , particularly on the lower sections and ongoing and unwarranted pollution from two aquaculture operations continue to seriously damage what was once a pristine and World Class Fishery.

Visitors over the festive season shouldn’t despair though, there is fishing to be had and certainly on the Elandspad you can expect some seriously testing and technical angling, much of it to sighted fish. Long leaders, fine tippets (perhaps down to 8x) and small flies tend to do best. Parachute dries, and soft hackle emergers continue to be my go to patterns for the most part, with a tiny brassie or similar nymph when the fish are refusing to come to the top.

Stealth, careful scanning for fish before casting and perfect drag free drifts will always produce the best results.


Elandspad rainbow