Flyfishing report: Trout - Western Cape

Date of Report: Wednesday, 4th January 2023
Name: Vikki Geldenhuys (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 081 826 0835

The rivers.

Booking for the rivers following the unseasonal December rain was higher than normal, especially for the Elandspad beats where water temperatures are cooler and one is usually well away from the Smalblaar section which tends have picknickers and their litter at this time of year. Unfortunately, CPS members have the unenviable task of collecting this litter left behind by these day trippers. From now the fishing tails off considerably until the cooler weather sets in in autumn and hopefully the winter rains commence.


The December rain has increased the dam level to over 80% which is very welcome as this water is usually released over summer for the irrigation farmers in the Hex River valley. From now on until winter water temperatures will be too high for trout fishing, but this dam has been well stocked by the CPS so fishing from late autumn onwards should be good. Anglers are encouraged to kill all bass caught as this species is becoming a pest in the dam.


The Elandspad – photo courtesy of Myburgh van Zijl.