Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Monday, 15th July 2024
Name: Martin Smuts
Phone: 078 9620111

While the much of the country is experiencing a severe winter, with snowfall and heavy rain in the Western Cape and freezing temperatures in most of the interior. Here in Durban however, it hasn’t been so. We have had the odd day or two this past month, when the temperatures dipped and it got quite cold, but not over much of a prolonged period.

Either way with the weather, the sardine shoals have been prolific. Sein netters have recorded numerous good catches, at times daily. Fishermen who target the predatory fish that follow the shoals, have had some excellent catches too. An epic catch was made down in Pennington, a 40kg Giant Kingfish (GT) was landed from the surf. Lots of Garrick have also been caught all along the upper south coast and Shad have been plentiful, a quick morning session and shad for breakfast.

I haven’t heard of any fly fishermen making any exceptional catches, but the guys have been out on the water, and lots of fish have been caught on fly. The river estuaries seem to be more productive than the surf zones or the harbour and producing various species of fish. River Perch have been ever eager to take a well-presented fly, while baby Kob have showing up more often on the fly catch records. Some slightly less “baby” Kob have also been caught. The number of Spotted Grunter taking the fly has also increased. The guys have been getting Grunts on many occasions, and at times more than a dozen Grunts landed in an outing. Small kingfish have been plentiful and hardly an outing goes by without a few being caught. Although most of the fly caught fish have been on the small side, many of the guys have ticked off new species.

So, if you’ve been thinking of taking the fly rod out and trying a bit of saltwater fly fishing, this may be the right time, who knows, you might be very surprised with what takes your fly. HUGE Garrick have been seen smashing into baitfish in the Umgeni estuary.  Until next time, tight lines.


River perch