Date of Report: Monday, 21st January 2019
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Name: Brian Clark
Phone: 082 537 3285

Both Sand River and Bulk River Dams are full and quite good catches of bass are being made at Sand River, but as expected no trout are being caught in this hot weather. It is dry in the PE area but we are far better off than Grahamstown where Settlers Dam is down to 14% and they are considering closing the university and schools.

Unfortunately, the fingerling brown trout which were being reared at Ventnor hatchery died when the pump broke down. These fingerlings were to be placed in Van Stadens Dam and Bulk River. We have therefore decided to hold a meeting at Somerset East to discuss the future of stocking trout in the Eastern Cape. We have had too many failures at Ventnor and since the departure of Martin Davies from Rhodes University the hatchery there has never operated successfully. Stocking of fingerlings into Gubu and Maden has been sourced from the hatchery at Stutterheim, but this hatchery does not grow out trout to yearling stage which are needed in dams like Sand River which also have bass.