FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Saturday, 9th December 2017
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Name: Ian Couryer
Phone: 082 306 5929

There is not much to report as recent heavy rains have bumped the flow up to 70 cumecs. This up to 30 cumecs too much for wading. I went over the bridge at Parys on Friday and the river was very brown with zero visibility. If the rain abates and the flow drops it will take a few weeks to get good clarity again.

Guys need to fish heavy and make sure the flies are right on the bottom in heavy flow. They can also up the fly size and darker colours will increase the contrast in dirty water. Also fishing sunken terrestrials such as black beetles and crickets can increase catches and in pools bloodworm patterns can be killers as increased numbers of dislodged naturals are normally in the drift with increased flows.

Weather permitting Sterkfontein should be producing now until March