Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Kosi

Date of Report: Sunday, 22nd January 2023
Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

If there is one thing that 2023 has given us so far, it is a promise of a memorable late summer in Kosi! The fishing has been insane!

I have been receiving mixed reports from the lakes. As usual, fishermen unfamiliar to Kosi have been battling. This is pretty much the norm. On the flipside, some anglers that have done their years of homework claim that they have never seen Kosi this good! Not much more need to be said on that front!

The mouth has been just as good! I personally haven’t seen as many shoals of medium sized GT’s patrolling around since probably 2002. Over the last 2 weeks these intelligent predators have switched their focus to hunting ghost crabs. It’s been incredible to see up to a dozen of these fish cruising in knee-deep water nearly beaching themselves in their efforts to get the crabs.

All the other regular summer visitors are here too! Some decent sized Great and Pickhandle barracuda, River snapper, Bluefin, Greenspot and Big-eye kingies have all been taken over the season.

Please remember that a good season like this doesn’t mean that we should start killing fish as their numbers seem to have increased! Respect them and the magical moments that they offer us along our amazing coastline!    

Feel free to make contact if you need any accommodation, advice or guiding for your next Kosi trip.

Tight lines!

Below are images of a GT and a Pickhandle Barracuda, both of which were released.