FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - East Free State & Lesotho

Date of Report: Thursday, 25th October 2018
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Name: Andre Burger
Phone: 083 632 8729

Eastern Free State

We are pleased to advise that despite the severe drought and heat of over a year ago the Klein Caledon’s trout population appears to be in good shape and there are plenty of fish around. With regard to the Ash River close to Clarens I hear that the trout fishing is reasonably good. As you know the water from Katse in Lesotho is decanted into the Ash which ensures a good strong flow of cool water throughout the year.

The Townlands Dam at Clarens remains a problem as one cannot rely on the municipality to keep it full. This is a cioncern as we are going into summer and we do not want to risk stocking expensive trout which have to be transported a great distance only to find the water levels dropping again. In the meantime, there are trout in the dam from the previous stocking.

From now on through summer I will be spending most of my time guiding at Sterkfontein. The recent cold has slowed things down but as it warms up again we expect the yellows to be on the feed again. Unfortunately, there are reports that the french drains at the provincial resort are decanting into the dam. Let’s hope they fix that problem quickly.

Lesotho report from Keith at Tourette

There is a little bit of yellowfish activity in the river now, but nothing consistent. We are still waiting for the first big rains of summer to get the system firing. Forecast does not show any just yet. Our team head up on the 15th of Nov, and we are open for bookings from the 20th Nov. 29th Nov to end of March is pretty full up, but there are odd spots available for 2 and 4 rods still during this prime river season.


Chris Wiliams’ daughter fishing the Klein Caledon