Flyfishing report: Trout - Amatolas

Date of Report: Friday, 13th January 2023
Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

Gubu & Maden dams.

The following report was received from Scott Blair of the AFFC committee.

“Although the surface temperatures are warm the Amatola waters are lucky enough to still have abundant cold-water inflow from the various steams that feed them. Apart from enjoying the summer scenery time spent on the water is still very rewarding if one tries earlier in the morning or later in in the afternoon. During the heat of the day some fish can be taken while fishing the deeper areas.

There was a group of members who escaped to Gubu Dam over the new year period, and everyone landed a good number of fish, all of them in excellent condition. Maden Dam was visited by some members on Thursday 12th January. It took a while to find the fish which were feeding under and along the water vegetation, but thereafter there was some good action. Amongst the fish were two stunning rainbow cock trout in excess of 50cm. The amount of food in and around the water, especially terrestrials, was incredible and one can only imagine what the surface action must be like during the cooler hours of the day.”

Below is a photo of a junior member with a health rainbow caught at Maden.

Mnyameni Dam

Members and visitors are encouraged to fish this dam as the population of trout which are mainly wild bred are exposed to less angling pressure.  In the near future, the club is planning to hold a small event at the dam to showcase what is on offer.  Keep an eye on the Amatola Fly Fishing Club website ( and Facebook page ( for further information.

Wolf River

The club is still hard at work on the project to clear and rehabilitate the Wolf River.  The work so far is paying huge dividends in terms of the improved habitat for the trout, with the exploratory angling trips yielding much to be excited about.  Once the club has reached an agreement with the community regarding fishing access, this is certainly going to be a river that must be added to your wish list.

Loch Lochie

This fairly large water on the headwaters of the Klipplaat has some good trophy fish and is now actively managed by Kurt Anderson of the Glenara farm hatchery on the Hogsback and is also in the Klipplaat basin. This hatchery supplies the AFFC with rainbow fingerlings and apparently is now including browns in its stock.


A junior AFFC member with a good rainbow from Maden.